Enhanced Support

Enhanced Support is the ability to provide multi dimensional care, facilitation and modelling to people with identified challenges, illness and or disabilities. The Focus is to facilitate care, to promote, encourage and to improve the quality of life amongst our clients in the environment of their choice with the least restrictions.

Key Topics:

  • Identifying Personality Traits
  • Responding to clients and co-workers positively
  • Learn how to show empathy, display warmth and patience’s towards
  • clients and co-workers
  • Learning the red flags for safety and working safely at work
  • Understanding your clients, their families and their expectations
  • Learn and use new approaches to safe and positive service delivery
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Abuse
  • Responding positively to aggressive clients

Working with people with disabilities calls for a change in attitude, and greater call for the management of your emotions. You must align yourself with changes in needs, value and culture.


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