In Canada, there is a shortage of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to fill the positions of nannies and live-in care givers. The Canadian government has come up with a plan to accommodate the shortage, by allowing employers to hire caregivers internationally. We at Dorvict would like to help you to get all the information you may need, and when the time comes help you to get the process started. Dorvict has been in the staffing business for over twenty years and we are leveraging our experience in recruitment to locate and hire qualified live-in caregivers for Canadian employers.

There are many factors that go into hiring an international live-in caregiver. The Care giver is required to have successfully completed the equivalent of Canadian high school education and at least 6 months of full time training, or with relevant experience. Employers must ensure that the live-in caregiver being hired speaks, reads and understands at least one of Canada’s official languages (English or French). Live-in caregivers must have a level of fluency that enables them to communicate effectively and independently in an unsupervised setting.

Individuals hiring a foreign live-in caregiver are considered employers and must also obtain a business number (BN) from the Canada Revenue Agency. Other things you as an employer would be responsible for are:

  • Transportation from airport, to place of residence
  • Proof of individual requiring care
  • Transportation from the caregiver’s country of current residence to the work location in Canada
  • Transportation from the caregiver’s current residence in Canada to the new work location
  • Gas expenses when the caregiver drives a personal car to the new work location. The cost of gas should be paid to the caregiver before leaving for the work location
  • 1 way air fare from their Home Country into Canada, and employment contract
  • First 3 months of PRIVATE health coverage, after which they are covered by OHIP.
  • Submitted notice of assessment
  • You must provide birth certificate, proof of disability, proof of guardianship and proof of the dependent in need of care (child or elderly).
  • LMIA (formally LMO) fee of $1000.00 per LMIA requested (Labor Market Impact Assessment)

Some helpful Government links for further information:

Dorvict wants to do all the heavy lifting! What Dorvict strives for is to set you up with a caregiver who is qualified, meets all the above requirements and that will be an amazing fit for your family. We realize that it is important for you to have someone in your home who is not only trust worthy, reliable, and experienced, but also someone who understands and connects with your family’s morals and beliefs.

We are prepared to offer a 3-month guarantee, for all nannies that we send. That’s how confident we are that we will be sending quality, educated, experienced, trustworthy caregivers to your home.

Are you ready to rid yourself of the stress of finding a caregiver for your loved ones? Let DORVICT do it for you! YOUR FIRST STEP IS TO CALL US AT 1-888-825-3804 OR CLICK ON THE QUICK CONTACT IN THE TOP LEFT CORNER.

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