To offer our clients, we offer you a demand-based and career searching candidates with emphasis on quality service and satisfaction.  Our competitive rates enable us to become our clients long term consulting service providers who will help new and emerging companies and individuals attain their quest for a suitable candidate.

Our team of professionals specialize in exploring vacancies for professionals who are seeking migratory careers worldwide. Our 20+ years in recruitment is marked by distinction in excellent service delivery. Our success is further guaranteed by our enthusiastic and friendly internal staff, our exceptional customer service and living by our core values ENTHUSIASM, LOYALTY, SATISFACTION AND ACCOMPLISHMENT. We are passionate in opening up career matching prospects for candidates and employers.

Areas of professional search: We are not limited to any professional; We are confident in being capable to market your skills, academic and profession achievements.


  • Fine tune your CV or Resume to match international or local standards.
  • Consult with you on talent and skill diversification
  • Advise on professional affiliation, new skill acquisition etc
  • Market your skills to a diverse client base.
  • Refer you to accomplished immigration consultants


We have stayed competitive by using few simple tools: listening to our clients, adhering to philosophies and values, and putting in the hard work required to resolve our client’s human capital and career seeking challenges. Over the years, as our clients’ requirements have grown more complex, we’ve kept pace by thinking ahead and outside of the box. We have introduced diversified personnel’s who are capable of applying 21 century approaches and techniques to better serve the growing needs and demands of the business environment.



  1. Candidates will submit an application for career search request online or at any of our international offices.
  2. Phone, or personal interview appointment (email or fax may also be utilized) will follow to explore and decide on clients’ interest and purpose.
  3. Once the understanding is established and agreement signed, ourWORK STARTS!!


  • Misrepresentation or falsification of facts may seriously affect a candidate’s chance of a positive career search and may jeopardize the agreement made and this may lead to cancellation of contract or agreement.
  • For candidates whose first language is not English, it is important that you have TOELF, IELTS or any other international English language testing assessment done. This improves your chances of being considered for career opportunities.


Dorvict can assist you in defining what type of company suits you, in what culture you would excel in and where your skills may be valued the most. Even when you do not have an idea of where you want to go, we can help you formulate a plan that will be of interest and beneficial to you. Our trained consultants will guide you through the process, helping you make the best decisions for your professional future. We treat each candidate with total discretion and in absolute confidence.

For further enquiries, please contact consulting@dorvict.com or nigeria@dorvict.com

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